Image links from OneDrive not displayed on boards (New UX)



When I am publishing an image from an internal shared folder (OneDrive) on a board I get below error:




I believe the issue is that my link generated from OneDrive does not end with the image type PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF, therefore message above. I am looking for finding out what settings should I request the IT Admin to enable so that Anaplan can display it. Uploading the pictures on a public image website is discarded as we need to store them internally.  I am sure somebody else faced same issue so looking to learn from his/her experience. 


Thank you

Manuela Apostol 


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  • @Manuela_Apostol 

    Yep. Only way I've gotten to work is to put Images in a public domain that Anaplan can access. You probably already know this but just in case, they must also use a secure socket layer, or HTTPS:// Only exception to this is MAKELINK() function but I don't think that will work on images.

  • Fab, thanks a lot Alex. I believe one of the options highlighted should work. I'll follow up on which version will work best for my needs 
  • Thanks Jared, but this is exactly what I want to avoid. it works for a demo though