Any Sample NUX app for download


We are going to start NUX journey for a customer in few days but instead of just replicating classics to NUX we want user feedback to leverage new functionality. For this we need to provide them a sample app with which they can play around and get familiarity with the ways of working. Is there any app ( +model) in app hub which is there?


  • @GauravT 

    I've only copied an app on the same workspace, so I'm not sure if you can copy New UX from the AppHub. You might need some help from the Anaplan support team,  But, there are some terrific demos on YouTube. One of my favorites  is @Ingilavicus supply chain optimization. Here's the Link.

    Plus, you can build amazing demos yourself rather quickly. Check out the New UX Course on the Learning Site. If you haven't taken this training yet, I highly recommend it.