Lease accounting software


I understand AnaPlan offers lease accounting software. There is IFRS vs. USGAAP difference on lease accounting, does AnaPlan offer solution to IFRS 16 only, or USGAAP ASC842 as well?


  • @RyanAtAristocrat 

    Great question. Yes, Anaplan has an accelerator offered by Finext. You can start there.

    Also, just for clarification. Anaplan is a Planning Platform. Nothing comes pre-built. The idea is that you can configure Anaplan in the same way you would Excel to create the exact workflow to enable your process. So whatever Finext has to offer you will still need to modify it to your own requirements. Anaplan configurations are fast, there's no programming required, just familiarity with the functions and some best practices.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Jared. Looking at Finext website, which states that it offers AnaPlan IFRS16 solutions with no mention of USGAAP. My understanding is that USGAAP is currently not an option in AnaPlan, is it correct?

  • Hi @RyanAtAristocrat - i'd contact your BP as it's potentially likely there'll be someone either within Anaplan or at a Partner that has already done the hard yards on this. No point in reinventing the wheel on something that's basically a regulatory requirement (might cost something - but likely to be money well spent!)