Multiple Text Exact Match Filter

Hi All,

Is there a way, that we can return an exact match when we are searching multiple customers/accounts/texts in one text box.


Example - We have an assignment list to filter where assignment names can be like Assignment1 , Assignment21, Assignment19 and so on.

Now we have given end users a text box where they can search multiple assignments at the same time by just concatenating the assignment names with a Comma.

Now when the end user searches :  Assignmen1,Assignment21


Result returned is : Assignment1,Assignmen21,Assignment19 
This happened because we use FIND function which searches for contains when we search like this, as per the Anaplan Smart Filters.
Is there anyway we can make it an exact  match only and not contains?



  • Why does this need to be done as a formula?
    Could you not use the built-in filters (quick access toolbar) for grids to show the items?
    Quick Access Toolbar - Anaplan Technical Documentation

  • Hi @MarkWarren ,

    You are correct this can be achieved through quick filters, but this will be not be used solely for filtering but also act as a control to perform operations on the filtered assignments/rules without doing anything else(manually making the Boolean true for such assignments/rules).

    The intent is to reduce the number of clicks business has to perform for making any adjustment to any rules/assignments.

    Let me know if any more clarity is required.

  • @CommunityMember118291 


    Instead of using text which is bad for performance reasons, why not use Booleans?




    Now, when you do the above, you will need to dimensionalize the above SYS Module by Users as well as a line item in the source data by users as well (where you put your filter).  How many users will be using this functionality?



  • Hi @rob_marshall ,

    I am afraid this will not work as the assignment/territory list have 150-200k entries, and the end users can't manually check each Boolean, that is why they are asking for filters which will filter the assignment/territories and at the same time select them for any modification.


    Let me know if any more clarity is needed.

  • @CommunityMember118291 


    Why not use the search feature?  Anything will be better than using text, especially on lists of that size.