Lvl 2 Conclusion INV05 Data Type Mapping Doesn't Match Any Dimension of Result


Apologies for having to ask for assistance, but I do not understand my misstep.


For shipping costs, I am reaching out to INV01 Final Shipping Cost, then trying to sum where the warehouse is equal to that in the SYS08 SKU Details. I have confirmed everything has a summary on, I even just to try changed the dimensions of INV05 to just the DC subset list, however the formula will not accept and produces the error message "Data Type Mapping Doesn't Match Any Dimension of Result"


INV01 and SYS08 both have P3 SKU as a dimension. SYS08 does not have time as a dimension, but I do not believe that should matter. Based on troubleshooting searches within the community, it would appear that I have the correct formula listed below, I do not understand why I am getting the error message.


'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Final Shipping Cost[SUM:'SYS08 SKU Details'.Distribution Center]


If anyone could give me a nudge in the right direction, I would truly appreciate it.


  • @Mat_Russell 

    You are so close! Whenever you use SUM or LOOKUP, you have to refer to a line item that is list formatted. Instead of using Distribution Center, could you use Supplied by?

    'INV01 Inventory Ordering'.Final Shipping Costs[SUM: 'SYS08 SKU Details'.Supplied By]

  • Distribution Center is list formatted (s G3 Location: Distribution Center), but I added a supply line referencing the full G3 List, and I am still getting the Data Type Message.

  • @Mat_Russell 

    You're almost there.

    • Make sure INV05 is using "G3 Location" as it's dimension.
    • When you SUM, the target module AND the source module (SYS08) have to be related, in this case "G3 Location".
    • Use the "Supplied By" line item in SYS08 and make sure INV05 is using "G3 Location" as it's dimension.
    • Note that "Supplied By" is using a list subset called "s G3 Location Distribution Center" to narrow down the locations to just DCs.
    • That's okay. It's part of "G3 Location" List.
    • You can use the formula I provided earlier.