Trying to load from file to module data


Hi Community,


I'am developed following dashboard to our end user. My problem is that if I want to load local accounts from a file - all local account will goes ignored state.


The module contains a numbered list. My primary key in the module is combination of company+local account number. My question is that how can I import from external files all local accounts instead of creating those local accounts one by one?



Best Answer

  • nathan_rudman

    Every local account will have to exist in your list, at least if they have a different account code.


    You can cross you account code list with your entities, in which case you would not have to create one for each entity, but rather use the entity code to load the data in the right dimension.


    In any case, items in list can be created from the load process , load your file in your list and create the account with the code and the name