Create Survey Panel for Users in NUX


Dear Experts,


Any suggestion or guidance how can we create a Survey Panel like this in NUX for the users?



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  • There are different ways, the easiest/most look like would be:

    - create a list from 0 to 10

    - create a module with this list and as many line items as you want questions

    - boolean format them

    - display that module

  • Thanks a lot for the response Nathan!!

    I had the same logic in my mind, was just wondering we might have something different in NUX so thought of seeking guidance on this 🙂

    Thanks again,
  • @Ishan 

    Here's a survey I created in NewUX. Doesn't meet your exact requirement but pretty close. The survey responses are dependent dropdowns, so each question has different responses possible. There's also a progress bar on the top, and a score at the bottom that indicates if you're ready for anaplan!


  • hi, what are your list, dimension for that?

  • I really like @JaredDolich's solution around using a list-formatted item and adding visualizations.


    I'll also add that you can now use Data Write Actions to set up a UI similar to your initial ask around a standard "Net Promoter Score" approach.




    Each data write action has a simple configuration (below), though setting them up for a wide variety of question types may be a bit cumbersome.