Create Saved View for Combination Chart



Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 3.46.21 PM.png

It says here that "Filter the data using the Planning Period Filter Weeks Only line item in the SYS01 Time Settings by Week module. "

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 3.48.31 PM.png

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 3.50.15 PM.png

I did just as instructed but then i came out with this. 

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 3.50.40 PM.png

Can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

Thank you.


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  • @Cynthia1 


    Go to the filter module and see if the booleans are marked for that particular line item which you are using to filter the target module.



  • Hi @Misbah
    I am sorry but I don't really understand your instruction.
    Could you please elaborate? I am a bit confuse here.
    I checked the blueprint, all formats are Numbers though.
  • @Cynthia1 


    What I meant to say was 


    Go to SYS01 Time Settings by Week Module and Check the line item Planning Period Filter Weeks Only.  Make sure the booleans are marked as true. Alternatively you can post the screenshot of that line item here. That will expedite fixing the issue.



  • Hi @Misbah
    I see... I got it. Thank you!

  • @Cynthia1 


    Glad that it fixed the issue

  • Are we creating any chart in the Saved view or its only data which we use in UX page?

  • Let me know what to do with this

    2022-10-29 (5).png2022-10-29 (6).png2022-10-29 (3).png2022-10-29 (4).png

  • @Misbah 

    If in chance I am applying the filter, This is displayed like this

    The second filter in the snapshot is not added by me , it is taken automatically.



    2022-10-31 (18).png2022-10-31 (19).png2022-10-30 (2).png