Weird Screen Shimmy with NUX


Hi Community! Has anyone else encountered this issue with NUX?


Sometimes, when you use the context selector to make a selection, the screen starts 'shaking' like it's trying to re-stack the cards and glitching somehow. If you minimize the browser and re-expand, it stops. This happens in Chrome or Explorer, and it has been experienced by multiple users in my organization. This seems to only happen with Board pages, and these pages have minimal cards and context selection choices. I even encountered this with the pages I designed for L3 MB training.




  • @SRoberts 

    I don't have an answer but, yes, This happens to me too. I fix it by changing the resolution. On windows it's ctrl-mouse wheel. 

    Good callout! Bug or Browser issue? Not sure.

  • Thank you @JaredDolich ! I will give that a try next time it happens. I'm curious to see how this plays out as well considering the different browsers/computers/users that have encountered it. Not a huge problem, but it has been noticed and commented on in my organization.