Chart graph help - Remove hierarchy total from chart graph


When creating a chart/graph with regards to a hierarchy list, the summary level is included in the chart...this is bad because 50% of every selection is the summary level. For example, in a 3 level hierarchy I want to be able to select the 2nd level and display the 3rd level pieces that make it up. Duramine in the pictures would be the 2nd level and should not be included in the chart, only '011 and 291 White' etc. should be shown. This is a product heirarchy. The other heirarchy in the module is location. I'd like to be able to select a product category (L2) and display the L3 products that make it up, and then select the locations or all locations for that information. 


Hiding the summary lines or selecting levels to show does not work because then I cannot synchronize selection to the list. I want to be able to choose different L2s to display their L3 children and have it synch to that chart. 


There is a working example of this chart that I did not build. I am trying to recreate that chart and find a solution to this issue for future charts. I'm surprised I wasn't able to find a solution to this in the community yet. 

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  • @jakesachs 

    Ah, yes. The dreaded summaries in the chart. Good question.

    Here are some ideas for you.

    • Since your using classic UX you might consider reading this best practice by @Mark_W_Shemaria . This will help you create the booleans you need to identify what level you are on. From there, you can create the line items in system modules that will allow you to dynamically remove the summaries.
    • Another way, is to be a bit more creative with the filters. This article by @nathan_rudman explains how to creatively use multi-level dropdowns as filters.
    • Last idea is to consider using the New UX. So easy to control the summary levels.

    Hope some of this helps. You ultimately need to filter out the summaries. 

  • Thank you Jared! Do you have any articles or examples of how this would be done in the New UX?

  • I am having the same thing in the New UX.

  • A simple solution to this is do not show the summaries in the saved view used to inform the chart.
    Right click on the list and click on, 'Select levels to show.' Here you will be able to disable any summary option therefore only presenting the leaf items of the hierarchy in your chart.
    The other options while sound are over engineering the solution for a problem that can be solved far more effectively by simply removing the higher level hierarchy items from the view using the method outlined above.
    Good luck,
  • Chris, the reason why you can't do select levels to show is then you're no longer able to synch that list with selection. If it was a one off, sure, but we want to be able to select different L2s and get the L3 children underneath. 


    I did figure the solution and its referenced above....filters. It worked!