Level 1 Lesson 6 - SYS01 Time Settings by Year


Hello All,

When creating this module I am getting the different result and the example module given  has different result. Please let me know the mistake done.

I am attaching the screen shot

My screen:


Example screen


As you can see in my screen i dont have tick mark for forecast year. please tell why is it so?






  • @ankitaga2000 

    I agree its a little confusing. 

    For the forecast year your formula is: 'SYS00 Time Settings'.Forecast Period? If you look at SYS00 you will see the formula START() >= Current Period Start. Since the start of 2019 is less than the current period start, it resolves to FALSE. that is why you don't see a checkbox.

    So, in summary your formula is correct! Nice job!!


  • Thanks a ton for replying back @JaredDolich