Anaplan Connect - Proxy setting in Import Script .


Dear Expert , 


As suggested in Anaplan Connect to Whitelist and . But due to security policy client is not willing to do the same . 


Is their any ways in Script where I can use different URL prvided by my Security team to use as below for Example...

Can we use a different url like instead of in the script. The URL will convert to when it hits the internet.


Anaplan Connect -> & (via on port XXXX) . So , If we want to use and can we mention proxy and port in the script somewhere. 


Kindly Advice , Awaiting your helpful support.


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  • If you specify a proxy URL using the "-via" option, Anaplan Connect will create a tunnelled connection through that proxy. Some proxies require authentication, and there is an additional option to pass credentials.

  • Hi Ben ,


    Kindly Share me the Dummy Script , who to pass Via statement please . Just want to to check will it work then in that way which you Suggested ? 


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