Chart in Anaplan Dashboard


Hi team,

There is one Numbered List(Site List) and a Line Item(WFC).

And we need a Chart(Dot Chart) with WFC >6 and WFC <6 in different colors.

Can you please help me on this.





  • @saurav4ss 

    Conditional formatting in the UX uses a line item number reference to determine what colour to use. 

    Therefore, create a new line item in your target module and using IF THEN ELSE create a condition in which a +1 is returned when WFC > 6 and a -1 is returned when WFC < 1.

    I would also caution as to what happens when WCA = 1.

    Therefore, use a statements similar to the following;

    = IF WCA > 6 THEN 1 ELSE IF WCA < 6 THEN -1 ELSE 0

    Zero is return if neither conditions are met.

    In the UX when setting up the dot chart use this line item to inform the conditional formatting.

    Good luck,