Accessing Non parent list items from parent list in a module dimensioned with child list.


I have List items of list X-  A,B,C,D,E,F

List items of list Y- A1,A2, B1,D1 ,D2, E1 (Child list of list X)

here item C,F don't have any child .

I'm using List Y in a Test module 

line item1 - displays all list item at child level (i.e list item  of  List Y )

line item 2- I want to display all list item from list X

issue-> i'm only able to fetch only those list item from list X which has child (tried using parent function)

how can I  fetch all the list item from parent list in this module?



  • @swapnil_J 

    Well you will have to dimensionalize your second line item with List X. See if this helps




  • @Misbah 

    Actually I don't want to create subsidiary view because using this two line items i'm creating  two booleans  and  based upon their value 3rd boolean will be true/false.

    but when i create subsidiary view i'm not able to access the boolean which i have created using line item X

    [not able to access boolean value of c,f using lookup  ]

  • @swapnil_J 


    Even I don't recommend using subsidiary views but would you care to share what exactly are you trying to achieve by doing so. That probably may lead us towards the right approach

  • @swapnil_J   When I have this kind of issue I always relied on Ratio summary method... 

    Any formula you apply in a module where is used the list Y (detailed level) it will use only the base members of the list Y and it will apply summary methods starting from Y level ONLY. (so, at upper levels you will always have only values of the elements X which have children in the list Y.


    Ratio summary method is the only way to have in the same column the values from the list Y and values on the list X without any child in the list Y. 


    With Ratio summary method you have a limitation: works only for numeric Line-items... ( below the Element "C" does not have children.. In the Using Ratio line-item there are values ...even the formula takes data from 'L2' line-item: (list Y)







    Hope it helps