Level 2 Sprint 3 3.2.11 Create Saved Views for UX


Happy Friday!


I am in need for guidance on the Product Replenishment UX > Planning Period Filter Grid, where it is checked & grayed out / locked.

This is built in My Pages, using Anaplan’s workspace, 90-day trial.  I am new to Anaplan with Cognos and Hyperion/Oracle SaaS EPM experience.   



  1.  Blueprint – both line items TRUE
    1. tried cleared PP Filter and other combos.
    2. tried DCA - write access driver, applied to PP Filter.
  2. Filter – Months only filter
  3. Created Saved View SYS00 Time Settings by Month – Planning Period Filter
  4. My Pages – Data Source > Module views > Planning Period Filter for UX
    1. Tried Custom views – used action options bar, in upper right corner.

Attached is the screenshot. 

Thank you kindly! 


  • @CarolWG 

    Try this:

    While in configuration mode make sure the card is editable. On the card configuration, make sure you click on "Grid".


  • @JaredDolich 


    Thank you for your immediate reply and helping me with my sanity check!


    I forgot to include that in my steps -- tried Allow editing option, didn't allow me to move it.    

    So, I deleted the old...again!...brought it back in, turned on, published, and voila! 




  • @CarolWG 

    You got this! That L2 certification is nearly yours.