Include non-time based line items in export of time-based modules




I have a module with the following dimensions: time, items and sites. And I have the following line items: Demand and code item at site (which is independent of time).


I want to make the following export (where the line item "Demand" is filled in under each time period and the line item "Code Item at Site" is included as a column):





Does anyone have an idea on how to do this exactly? I can't add the line item "Code Item at Site" as a property to my Item list since its value is calculated based on both the site and the item.


Kind regards,

Thomas Boutton


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  • JaredDolich

    @ThomasBoutton @HendrikDeCuyper 

    Gotcha! Ok. Well, the only way to get a header column or header row in a grid is to use a list. So, the only way to get the child property to show up as a header is to convert the property to a list or concatenate it with another list, maybe item or site. Not very clean though. And, not very fun.

    Here's one other idea I have for you. Go ahead and use the Excel Add-In and get your grid as close as you can. Fortunately, the 4.0 version of Excel Add-In allows you to download saved views. Then, use Excel to format the Child more appropriately.

    Sorry. Best suggestion I have. This might be a limitation of how the grids work.


  • Yes you can.


    Click on export and go to the second tab. You'll have the options to include labels (properties or line items) as columns of the export for each list.

  • Hi Nathan,


    Thanks for your reply. I was not aware that you could include line items as labels in an export (I knew it was possible for properties).


    Can you show how to do this exactly? Is there a certain pivot/export setting I need to use before I am able to do this? So far I didn't succeed at including a line item as a label.


    Kind regards,

    Thomas Boutton

  • @ThomasBoutton 

    In addition to @nathan_rudman idea, you can also try using the labels tab. You can remove the list columns by clicking on the "X". In this case Name and Code. Your subsidiary view, I think you called it "code item at site" will be the first column with a header. I use layout Number 1 though.



    @nathan_rudman Idea shown below.


  • Hi,


    I think we're on the good track but it is still not fully the format of how I want it. Now I get the following excel:



    So even though my "Child Item at Site" is dimensioned by time in the export its value is repeated for every time period. I want to export the following excel:



    However I didn't find any way to do this yet. I tried exporting using "Grid", "Tabular Single Column" and "Tabular Multiple Column" using multiple pivots (I think I need to have my items and sites in the rows and my line items and time in the columns). However I didn't reach the right format yet.


    Kind regards,

    Thomas Boutton

  • Hi @JaredDolich 


    Hope you're doing well!


    Thanks for helping Thomas - the complexity why we can't use the label tab as you can not define the property on one list as it's dependent on two lists, therefore hypothetically we would need functionality where we in the label tab can refer to a system module with the two dimensions. 

    As we understand the label tab however only links to the separate lists & not to modules with both lists as dimensions.

    Thanks again!


  • @ThomasBoutton @HendrikDeCuyper  I think I follow. 

    Make sure you create a saved view  and Is your pivot set up like this? Also filter on only months. Show only Demand.


  • Hi Jared,


    Your pivot is close to what we have only we don't have "Child" as a dimension. The "Child" is only a line item which contains elements of the list "Child".


    The issue we then have is that we want this line items "Child" (which is not dimensioned on time) added as a column in our export (so that its value is not repeated for every month). And then next to the column "child" we would then like to have the line item "demand" filled in per month. Like this:




    Kind regards,

    Thomas Boutton

  • Hi Jared,



    I'll look into the possibility of concatenating lists or using other dimensions so I can get the export desired.


    Thanks for the help!


    Kind regards,

    Thomas Boutton