Modelbuilding 1 question 7.2.3 importing employees

Somehow I can't get the employees imported,  in SYS08 Can anyone explain how to do it, I do not know what to use as mapping. I tried this:


 But it returns failures on start date, leave date and other columns

Then I tried manual mapping, which partly worked but still it won't fill all the columns:



Does anybody have an idea why it will not load?


The error message does not give me any clue 





  • @MTromp 

    Oh, so, so close.

    Import employees using "CODE" not name.

    The reason is that this is a numbered list and Anaplan doesn't know how to identify an employee by the "display name". You have only but one choice and that's to use the employee code. Give that a try!

    You got this!

  • Hi, 


    I tried that yesterday as well, actually it was my first try, but it still gives me the following error message: 


    And it does not import anything accept for current salary.....


    I compared the employee list and the module setup to the original version, but can't find any differences in the setup of the list or module.


    Kind regards, Mandy

  • @MTromp 

    Yep, we'll need to format the dates too before loading. Anaplan needs a little help on how to interpret the date format.


  • Hi,


    I did change that to in the beginning, but still issues:



    Code, name, department etc. is not filled because of these issues. 



    My list SYS08 E2 Employees# is a numbered list, it is filled with the codes and information to match it. But somehow the list and the module won't match.


    I can match manually, but it still won't fill the codes, so I feel somehow in this code resides is the error, but I have checked the list setup and the module setup but can't find the issue.





  • Hey @MTromp Mandy

    You got this. You're REALLY, REALLY close. Make sure your mapping the employee to CODE not to Display name. If that doesn't work, send a screenshot of your mapping screen. Let's get you to the finish line!!

    Should look like this: