L1MB 9.2.5


Hi Anaplanners,


I'm getting attached error while using formula to populate my module.

Can someone please help me.


  • The formula looks correct, but I would try pointing to the line items rather than typing, just to be sure the item names are correct. Apologies if you have tried this!
  • I've tried out pointing to the line items as well but still it's giving me an error.
  • Could you paste the formula you have?
    Here's my version for comparison:

    'REV04 Price Growth Rates'.Unit Price %[LOOKUP: 'SYS04 Location Details'.Country, LOOKUP: 'SYS06 Product Details'.Product Family]
  • It has been solved. I just pivot the dimensions in SYS04 and SYS06 modules.


  • I should have asked to see the sources first!
    Excellent, well done for working through that, good luck with the rest!
  • Did you remove time from the SYSO4 module?