How to set up time filtered chart to automatically update when model time period extends?


We have several dashboards with ~30 charts all have time on the x-axis and a dynamic time filter on (trailing 13 months). The time filter is set up following the recommended steps by many users (set boolean for all time periods as "TRUE" > publish the charts > apply filter logic). However, the time periods for these charts can really only go as far as the time periods that are already part of our model at the time of publish. When we extend our model out for another year and set the time boolean back to "TRUE" for all periods, the dashboard charts still won't automatically update to include the new months even though the saved views do. This makes the maintenance cumbersome because we would have to republish all the charts every year, and we are really trying to only have our model through the current year at any given time with the model size in mind. Is there another way to apply the time filter for these charts so we don't have to republish? 




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  • @shiyaoling 

    Great question. I recommend you add another Boolean to your time system module. This will only track the trailing 13 periods. To accomplish this you will need to either use the "Current Period" or a line item that you import that gives you the current period. Many people prefer to import the current period because changing in the TIME settings only a System Admin can do it.

    Here's an example where I look forward 13 periods. You can do the opposite. You got this!


  • Hi Shiyao, 


    Intially enter true in the formula of filter, then publish your graph and then again enter your correct formula in the filter line item. This workaround worked for me.