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I'm at the end of Sprint 2 just before the exam (Activity 2.4.11) which is asking one to test as end users. Think am good but just need to check the following:


1. Can this be done while still with WSA rights still on? Video seems to suggest we need to turn this off but that's cumbersome for a self-learner as I'll need to find somebody to help me turn on again once I've completed testing. Or can I just change my Model Role under Users to say just Product Family Managers to test as one? 


2. On the Create Product Family Role ( it says "Each Product Family Manager should be able to make changes to the Volume Growth Rates for only their assigned Product Family". How does one assign a Product Family for testing purposes? For example if I wanted to assign say just 'Chocolates'? Don't recall the videos covering this.








  • Hi @ClarenceAndre,

    1. Do not remove your workspace administrator in this case. You can also test having workspace administrator. As you mentioned, change your role and test as an end user with a role. In the future, it is good to keep in mind that for example workspace administrator can run the action and write on a cell with Dynamic Cell Access which cannot be done by a User without workspace administrator. For the purpose of Level 2, it is completely fine if you test having workspace administrator enabled.


    2. You need to enable Selective Access on a Product Category list. See below. When you go to Users list, then you will see new columns "Product Category Write" and "Product Category Read". You can now select elements of Product Category dimension for each User. In this example, you can pick up Chocolate for yourself. 


    Good luck with your Level 2!


  • HI @filip.sypniewski 


    Thanks for your help. I was able to test successfully per the instructions in the training manual but can I check with you on my understanding:


    1. First set up the appropriate Read/Write settings under Users/Roles->Modules;

    2. Enable Selective Access by checking off on the required dimension under General Lists; and

    3. Change Model Role under Users (e.g. from Full Access to Product Family Manager)


    I found after testing if I just switch back to Full Access without first removing the Selective Access checks, I would not be able to return back to the original views - does this make sense?


    Hence it would be necessary to deselect whatever checks we had made under the Selective Access when the testing is complete - please let me know if I understood this correctly?


    Kind regards,






  • Hi @ClarenceAndre,

    you described the steps correctly. 

    When you have selected access enabled and let's say you assign 'Chocolate' to yourself and afterwards switch your Role from Product Manager to Full Access it doesn't affect the Selective Access setting selection. You need to also choose 'All Products' to see all products (see below). Think of Role and Selective Access as two separate security settings which you need to maintain. 



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    Great question, thank you
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    Hi @filip.sypniewski 


    Great detailed explanation, thank you. If you hadn't replied, I would probably not to reach the solution. Thank you so much.