Allocate data of 1:N within same list.



I have a list with items A,B,C the data of A should be mapped to B  and the data of C  should be mapped to B.

and it is 1:N mapping









I have done the above mapping by creating a concatenated list but I am not able to fetch the data by using this mapping to target module dimensioned With B (list subset).

need alternative way to solve it.



  • This looks like you'd be better with a second list for B, the first list has items A and C. The mappings would be much easier to achieve.
    Is this possible or is there a reason to include B in the list?
  • Hi @MarkWarren 

    there is requirement

    I have main list where I have all list items A1,A2, B1, B2, C1,C2..

    I am capturing data with opposite to each list item,

    but based on the percentage i need to allocate the cost of A's and C's in B (ignore percentage for now)

    so  I have created mapping module to map All A and C to B

    Mapping data.JPG

    Here In cost line item I am entering cost specific to B

    In Total line item i want to sum B and cost of A and C into that specific B.


    final data.JPG




  • HI @swapnil_J,

    Try this! Let's use only one list to achieve this.

    Step 1: Create a mapping table module as below and make it as manual input,



    Step 2: In the allocation module create 2 more line items and apply the below rules,



    Then this is how the end result would look like,


    Assumptions: 1. The list has Top Level Item, 2. With the help of the mapping table, the total cost will be allocated to the marked entries, here in this case B1 and B2 which takes the cost of all A and C entries. 

    Hope this helps