Level1 Training 4.6.5 Activity: Import Data into G3 Location List


How can I set Mapping ? Is it correct below?



Column2: Location Name => G3 Location

Column3: Country => Parent

Column1: Location code => Code


-Items uniquely identified by

Name or Code


  • @Mao0511 

    If you have the code, use it to identify the row. Send a screenshot if you encounter an error. Let's get you to the finish line on this one!

  • Thank you for your advice, I could solve the issue!

  • OlgaD

    What if I used uniquely identified by code only when I ran the import, how can I fix this?


  • Hello Jared,


     I keep getting errors, particularly with having an invalid parent. I set the mapping to the same values as the original poster. Can you clarify what you meant by "If you have the code, use it to identify the row."


    Thank you