Leason 4.8.2 , Import data in E2 Employee


adarshbarodia_1-1613216378371.pngImporting and Exporting Data


Hi team,

Did the mapping as per my understanding making some error here, I am unable figure out the error getting numbers under the Sales and not the names of employees in sales team. Please guide me.


@noelle_murphy I also tried the steps from the https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Anaplan-Platform/Question-for-Level-1-part-4-8-2-Activity-Import-Data-into-E2/m-p/78643#M16716 however getting only codes outside the departments (codes which are visible in the screen shot where outside the hierarchy). 


This part was missing in the short video provided so I am confused. 

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    So close. You just need to take one more step.

    Go to general lists, scroll to the right, change the "Display Name Property" for E2 Employees# to "Display Name"

    You got this!