GUIDE: February 2021 Release | Time Stamp on Actions



Just a quick heads up. Every time you run an action you will now see the timestamp on the action tab. Awesome!

Here's an example of a manual action being run. I tested it on automated actions too and it works great. Thank you Anaplan - huge win!


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  • kavinkumar


    Also noticed one more interesting option and sure another game-changer.  

    Ability to export values as formatted. Yes, I am talking about the 'Digit setting' while doing the export in text, CSV, unformatted XLS, and XML. This makes it easier to do the integration with other applications while extracting data from Anaplan. Your thoughts?




  • nathan_rudman

    well, if you think about it, if you run your actions in a process, the start time of A2 is the end time of A1 (close enough). So you only don't know the real time of A1 and A Final, but you know the time for all in between. And if you add dummy action at start and finish, you know it all


  • I didn't know this was coming. Going to chase the team, if we get that we should get the user who ran it, and the logs.

  • User would be great addition. What would be cool too is the end time, so you know how long does it take for the processes to be completed. Then, you know when the next process should start while scheduling them. 

  • @kavinkumar 

    YES!!!! I didn't notice that. Haha. Big win!

  • @nathan_rudman 

    Nathan, that would be great. Can we expand this functionality? We all use it the same way for auditing. We're SO, SO close.

  • 2nd the statement: "It would be great to get the user that initiated the process/action as well as the date/time stamp".

    Also would be great to be able to publish a view to an App Page.