Question: Action Timestamp Obtainable in a Line Item?



Does anyone know if the Action Timestamp can be shown on a page or dashboard, most likely through a line item? Or, is it just on the action tab? 

Can the action timestamp be retrieved with the new Transaction APIs?

Best Answer

  • ArunManickam

    Hello Jared,


    Currently it is only available for the Workspace administrator. I dont think we can show it to the user via page/dashboard.


    I am not sure about the API though, if it can access this data.





  • That would be great! I would like to see end time of the processes too, so we can understand how long it takes for each process to be completed. I guess these two would be requests for further enhancements.  

  • Yes, it would be a great future if we are able to capture start and end time of action. In this way we can easily track how much time does each action is taking to get completed.