Anaplan Level 2 Sprint 2 Lesson 2.3.9 Import Process 9



I tried this process and got error messages.  Now I find I have accidentally deleted the Process 9 from the Actions page.  I can't see the process 9 in my Supply Chain model.  Could someone help me with this please.  I have provided the screen shots of my previous work with error messages.  I am not sure what went wrong.  Kind regards ThiruScreenshot (281).pngScreenshot (282).pngScreenshot (283).pngScreenshot (289).pngScreenshot (294).pngScreenshot (295).png

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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @ThiruT 


    If you have accidently deleted it, you have option of restoring through the history option.

    Try finding the right restore point/ID where you had deleted the action and restore the model. 



    Hope this helps.



  • Thank you Abhi.  I have now restored process 9.   I will try again to run the process 9 and see what happens