Run process in anaplan from informatica


Is it possible to connect to a process as a target in informatica cloud(hyper connect) and run the process instead of individual actions?

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  • Thank you for your reply @anikdas . I would like to explain the scenario here..

    My process consists of 3 actions lets call them A,B and C. Action A is an import action and imports data from a csv file. The other actions are also import actions that take data from the action A. How can I do the same through informatica hyperconnect? Should I first create a synchronization task for action A with source as the csv file and and target as the import action A and then another synchronization task with target as the process and then combine both tasks through a taskflow? ( all import actions are for importing into lists)

  • Hi @Shawnm , Thanks for explaining the problem statement.


    In your case, if the actions are all import actions from a source file, then you would have to run them as 3 separate actions. Even though you can combine the 3 actions in one process for upload through front end, in Hyperconnect you need to define the 3 actions and their mappings separately. In the scenario you have mentioned, you do have to run 2 separate actions in Hyperconnect.

    Example: If from a flat file, you are populating a list and a module, you would have to run 2 separate actions in Hyperconnect.

  • hi @anikdas  thank you for your reply, all 3 imports are not from a source file. 

    A - Import from flat file(csv) to flat list(A)

    B - import from flat list(A) into list B

    C - import from flat list(A) into another list C

    This is the scenario and this is how the 3 actions are defined into a single process in anaplan. I am trying to run this through informatica but even though the log shows success , the lists are not being updated.


    Thanks Shawn 

  • You have to run these as 2 separate actions in Informatica:

    1. 1st to run the action A - update of list from flat file
    2. The other 2 you can put in a process in Anaplan and run as one action in Informatica

    Hope this clarifies

  • Just to be clear about the second step, I put the last two actions as a process in anaplan and inside informatica I create a synchronization task and mention dummy file as source as you mentioned earlier and target as the process name in anaplan?

  • Hi ,


    where you able to run a process through anaplan ?


    I have a process which has delete actions and model to model import actions in it . Will it run if ? can you tell me what i should place in the dummy csv file and what kind of settings should i provide in source of informatica to run a Anaplan process from informatica as  a job ?

  • hi

    I ran a simple process through informatica, try placing a dummy file as source and fill first 2 or 3 cells with random data and then also do the dummy mapping in informatica . After that run the task. I did this in synchronization task(informatica).


  • Hi @anikdas 


    I am trying to establish a new Synchronization Task in IICS. I have set up the Anaplan Connection and it's working when tested. During the Target configuration, after selecting the Anaplan Connection, it does not show me the list of objects ( Actions / Processes). I would appreciate if you can guide me as to what can be the probable cause for this error.