Implementation Process for Digi Cert received Certificate.


Dear Expert ,


I would be highly thankful to you if you could help me with the installation process of CA based Authentication in Anaplan Connect. 

For your information , I have received 3 different files from Vendor .  2 as .CRT and 1 as .CER format file which is named as below.

  1. SHA256root .cer

   2. Intermediate.crt


My doubt/Question here is which once is needed to be register/uploaded into Anaplan system by tenant administrator and what action need to be done with other 2 files. 

In nutshell , which is public certificate and which one is private key, and what is role of Intermediate crt file?


It would be great favor and highly appreciated! Awaiting for your kind guidance.


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  • @Shailendr 

    Great that you're using a CA certificate! Best way to handle data integration in my opinion.

    I would start here with the technical documentation. They walk you through step by step.

    Also, this awesome video by @JonFerneau


  • Dear Jared , 

    Thank you for your response. I went through those Guide for CA .for your information, we have procured the Certificate from DIGICERT. But my doubt here is we have received 3 files for CA Authority. 2 .CERT and 1 file as .CER. So we are not clear with the SHA256root.cer file as well as Intermediate.crt file.

    unfortunately ,no where its mentioned in shared ppt. So please let us know which file we should Register/Manage with Anaplan as tenant Administrator?

    Also what is role of SHA256root.cer and intermediate.crt file.

    I would be highly thankful for your great Support.


    Thanks and Regards


  • Hi @Shailendr ,


    In the link provided by @JaredDolich 



    , there is a section 'Convert Your CA Certificate for API Use'. It lists what need to be done depending on whether the CER / CRT certificate you received is in binary format or not (I am not sure the difference between those two but I think you can try the CER file first). If it is in binary then additional step is required to convert it to .PEM by using openssl (needs to be downloaded separately). 


    Once done, you need to split the certificate string in that PEM file if there are multiple certificate strings which are indicated by BEGIN CERTIFICATE, otherwise just use the file from the conversion. This edited file is the final PEM file that is required to be uploaded to Anaplan.


    I have not used CER / CRT but managed to extract public and private key from PFX / P12 certificate by following the instructions for these certificate type in the same link. 


    Hope this helps.





  • Hello,


    I helped Jon coauthor the Interactive guide. Have you tried emailing They have trained resources that should be able to assist you. They will help make sure you have purchased the correct certificate and should help walk you through the process. 

    It can be a bit tricky for the first time so always good to have a hand. Your IT team may be a good resource in converting certificate formats as it may require certain commands which may be restricted by your IT team.