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I was trying to import the volume file to REV02  Volume Input (Level 1 lesson 8.5.3), but I received an error message about the column header in the file do not match the import definition as below: 



I had selected (see below) or attached image



I believed the column header was wrong. Will appreciate someone could assist me please.

Many thanks







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  • abhi1017
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    hi @Chau 


    All mappings are right ,just need to select the right time pattern from the options w.r.t time pattern in the source file.

    If still it isn't successful, use custom fixed pattern and type  as in the source file.


    Hope it helps.



  • Rachael @Chau 

    @abhi1017 is most likely correct. This import is a little tricky. Other things to note:

    • Make sure you set the header row to line 2 of your file. 
    • Date format is YYYYMM


  • @Chau 

    Yep. Just click on the pivot icon. Looks like the letter "L" backwards with arrows on it and in a box. Drag and drop your lists how you want them.


  • @JaredDolich Hi Jared,

    Thanks for the help, and it worked!!! 

    Is there any way that I could change the view in my model; currently the view is horizontal. Is it possible to have a vertical view with the listed skus?





    Similar to this?



    Many thanks