Level2 sprint01 Create saved view for sys05 Region details


Hi Community,


In this activity i have to create a saved view that includes codes and items. But in SYS 05 only codes are present so why there is a need for a saved view?


  • @saranshsaini 

    Great question!! The hint to your question is the last sentence of the instructions. When we use the "show" logic, it allows new line items added subsequently to be added to your saved view. If you "select items to show" and a save a view, then new line items will not appear. So, as you progress in L2 you eventually will be adding more line items and by using "Show" those line items will automatically appear in your saved view.

    Hope that helps. 

    Oh, you can add the line item to capture the "ITEM" by creating list formatted line item and using the ITEM() Function.

    Again, great question!

  • @JaredDolich Thank you!