7.2.3 Activity: Import Data into Employee Details Module error


Hi team,


Missing out some step data while mapping, data was updated successfully attached screenshot (12error), however data is being uploaded with ignored values.





 Do I have to make any change in the module section?


Best Answers

  • jasonblinn



    It looks to me like in the employee import mapping you have it set to "Fixed item", and therefore is ignoring most of the entries (as it is trying to import the entire file into one employee)


    I would recommend trying to map using the code. As a double-check, when you click the Employees tab at the top, it should match all of the employees in the source and the target. 



  • Shrankhla

    Hi Adarsh,


    It seems like there is a problem with your import mapping. 

    For E2 Employees#, the source should be the column "Code" instead of the Fixed item that you've selected.


    Once you update the same, in the next tab of "E2 Employees#", all the Employees will be automatically mapped and hence will resolve your issue.