How to remove a filter from a module




Hi Everyone, 

I made a saved view for the module REV03 Margin calculations which is "Forecast Periods". I was able to make it and put all the required filters inside. But I am not sure why there is a filter sign on REV03 Margin Calculations itself. I am not even able to delete the filter or edit it. If I make any change to this filter (REV03) and come back after switching to other modules, this filter pop up automatically even if I have already cleared all the filter condition. 


Is there any way to delete this module filter?




Best Answers

  • jasonblinn



    If I understand correctly, it sounds like you overwrote the default view for the module so when opening the module it has a filter already applied. 


    I would recommend trying to reset the default view: View > Manage Views... > Reset Default View

    jasonblinn_0-1613456578013.png.                           jasonblinn_1-1613456598728.png



    Let me know if this does not solve your issue. 



  • JaredDolich


    @jasonblinn is correct. You can reset the default using his suggestion.

    I think I know how that happened though. After you create a saved view, you will remain in the previous view.

    For example,

    • While in default, you create a saved view
    • Then you add a filter
    • You save the view again. (oops, you just added the filter to the default view)

    To avoid this from happening, after you create a saved view, then go to VIEW-OPEN... and open the saved view you just created.

    A little annoying but after you create a saved view Anaplan doesn't take you immediately to that view.