Model Not reloading/opening back to its original state even after cancelling the task




I am facing an issue in terms of opening a data hub model to its original state for past 6-7 hrs but it is not opening stating  “The system is currently processing changes by user XYZ”. I tried cancelling the task, closing the model from “Manage model” section but nothing worked to my respite. I only see “closing” being appended ahead of the model name but the model is not closing nor reloading whenever I attempt to open it from different tabs, browsers etc. The model size is ~20 Gb.


Would be helpful if anybody can tell me any alternative/means to open the model to its original state without getting any hold-ups.






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  • Misbah
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    Please do not wait on. Log a ticket with Anaplan Support and they should be able to fix it. I was in the same situation a year back and I got it fixed.