Request for access


Hello Anaplan Community

I have requested access for the 90 day trial and have not heard back.  So, just trying to follow-up.  Appreciate any help in granting me the trial access.


  • @gkamesh 

    I think there's a waiting list. Hang in there. Make sure you continue to reach out.

  • @gkamesh 

    I really don't know the facts behind the waiting list, but my hunch (and it is not well grounded) is that they are using a hyper model for everyone requesting a 90 trial. The hyper model is a giant workspace that can be partitioned with up to 500-600GB. Since each trial gets 1GB, they can partition this about 500 times. To add more people, they would have to create another workspace. 

    Just a guess as to why. So as the 90 day trial ends, one will free up. So, keep on asking where you are in the waiting list. Perhaps that will help.