Differentiating Parent from Child in New UX


Hi Team, 


The classic UX provides both indentation and bolding of the Parent Hierarchy when we publish a module dimensioned by Hierarchical lists. See example: The Auto-map Line is a Parent item, bolded and indented to the right while the others are Child items. 


The new UX doesn't bold the parent and thus the end-user might find it difficult to differentiate between the two levels. 

Do you have any interesting/clever ways to differentiate between the two levels?


  • Hello,


    What you can do is put a conditional formatting on the finest levels (or vice versa) on all your line items


    I hope this helps

  • Hey @MathisG 

    That is one option I was also considering. I think picking up a lighter shade (as you've done) would serve the purpose in a very subtle way. 


    Ankit Mishra

  • Hi @ankit_cheeni 


    How about you create a System Selection Module with parent as the dimension.

    Publish this module on that DB and sync the page.

    So basically, child's will be seen as per the parent selected in the System Selection module created. 


    Hope this helps.


  • @abhi1017 

    The use case requires the end user to see the parent as well (the page helps them plan the future months and for that they need to have a more exhaustive view than singular parent)


    Ankit Mishra

  • @ankit_cheeni 


    In continuation to the above you can upgrade that solution, to a multi-selection filter. (Assuming Multiple levels in hierarchy)

    This solution will depict parent-child of different levels in separate grids but input can be done only at leaf level grid.