Level 2 Sprint 1 Exam 7 of 10


Good morning!

I have completed twice the Level 2 Sprint 1 Exam with 7 of 10 in both. I have failed the same 3 questions and still after reviewing the lessons I failed, I am not sure of responding correctly to the questions (same 3 ones) These questions are 1, 2 and 8. It is my last attemp I need to pass to the Sprint 2


Can anyone help please?


Thank you


  • Hi @isegovias ,


    Great to hear that you are eager to achieve your level 2 certification.
    As you can imagine we cannot share any answers to any of the questions of the exams.
    Even if I wanted I do not have seen them as the Level 2 training has been updated.

    As a first approach let's see what kind of options there are.

    Are these three questions related to the same topic?
    If yes, it might be worth going back to review the corresponding micro lessons.

    Are these questions related to check the build (i.e. asking for a specific value)?
    Sometimes you are asked to import a new data set right before the exam.
    Even if it may seem to look similar there could be minor changes that can cause a different result.

    In this training you are not only learning how to model but also to respect best practise when building a model.
    When the question relate to a formula, sometimes you have to identify the best fit out of the four options.
    Even though the formula is working in you model does not mean it is in accordance with best practise.
    As an example you want to make sure that you put the most common case of an IF-THEN statement first.

    I hope this helps you at least a bit.

  • Thank you for your response.


    I managed to pass it (9 of 10), I was worried beacuase I though it was my last chance to pass the exam (only 2 chances) but then I realised that are two chances to answer the questions....but no limit to do the exams


    I pass it at my third try...


    Thanks a lot

  • @isegovias 

    In addition to @BCSFB points you can send an email to academy@anaplan.com and ask for another attempt and the exam. They'll reset it for you.

  • Ok, thanks!

  • Hello @isegovias 

    Congratulations on passing the sprint and good luck with the rest of the training. 
    Without mentioning the content of the questions with which you had difficulties, could you please tell me if these questions were related to copying/pasting the formula you used in the model?

    I had a similar issue when taking a test and it turned out to be a technical glitch.

  • Hi Einas,


    no it was not an issue with pasting the formula, it was more a idiomatic issue: I think I did not understand the questions properly.



  • I had the same issues with formula. I was not able to cut and past it, so I input it manually and it was not accepted.

    And, unfortunately it was my third not correct answer and I did not pass that attempt.

  • @Shkipina 

    Use a different browser, one that doesn't have any Anaplan extensions