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I have a module with 2 lists (currency and tasks) as dimensions and a boolean line item.

Im trying to apply filter on the boolean line item, if TRUE then only the respective currencies satisfying the boolean condition from currency list should be displayed.

Im trying to apply filter but its not working as Task and currencies are in rows/columns.


I tried changing the pivot, made them on pages applied filter and again repivoted back to rows/cols, but it doesnt work.


Please can anyone help on this.







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  • abhi1017
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    Hi @Varshni3001 


    X Axis = Task list

    Y Axis = Currency list , Lineitem


    Applying filter ,will filter both task and currency list which is in X*Y format.

    1. Only Tasks which are true in all currencies will be shown. (For Summary= All)

    2. If even one currency is true in a task that entire row will be shown.(For Summary =Any)

    Hence , the filter might not respond as per requirement.


    Solution/Workaround :- If you nest both the lists in Rows/columns and filter it will surely work. (As depicted in above thread)





  • Hi @Varshni3001 


    How about you nest Task and currency in rows. Line items kept in columns. Now , Apply filter on Boolean line item.

    I tried replicating it ,check Screenshots below.





    Hope it helps.



  • Hello Abhi,


    The Tasks are on rows, Column have currency list and line items. 


    I need to apply filter on currency list i.e the boolean line item if true, should show the resp currencies.






  • @Varshni3001 

    You rows include Line Items so these need to be included in the filter module.

    Therefore, move your line items as a page selector or nest them with Task as a row.

    Your currency filter should now be available to apply against columns.



  • Thank you Chris.

  • Thank you Abhi.