Applications of Newly introduced process/action timestamp .?


Hi Anaplanners,


Anaplan is has recently introduced start date and time update w.r.t each  process/actions run which has been very helpful.


Is there a way through which this timestamp can be published on DB or used in model building..?


Thanks in Advance.


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  • JaredDolich


    Great question. Unfortunately not yet. But there is an idea on the exchange. Hopefully this will be added soon.

  • nathan_rudman

    No, not possible.


    However you can do like the user data: set up an export of the actions tab and re-import it into a module. Then that can be scheduled to be updated automatically every x.


  • Thanks @JaredDolich and @nathan_rudman 


    As of, I am using the same work around @nathan_rudman.

    But looking at something where i can use it directly/dynamically rather depending on integration.




  • I've discussed it with R&D as soon as I saw this update. It is quite unlikely we will get this natively.


    If not natively, surely they might provide another workaround.


    1. May be whenever a process/actions is published on DB the timestamp also is visible and updates itself in sync with the process/action run.

    2. Granularity :- List/ list member also get introduced to timestamp. (an extension to Process/action)




  • We'd use the functionality, what if an enhancement request is made?  Trying to come up with a way to show the timestamp for last time data is updated in various modules, use of that timestamp data would have solved my problem! 🙂

  • @vazqulu1 


    This discussion was started to address the exact requirement mentioned by you.



  • Antonio_Flor
    edited February 2023

    As a workaround I've added an action to write the user name into a line item and instructed user to right click to check user story on that to check the exact time.

    Recently I found a way to explicit publish a timestamp with an action by creating an Anaplan TimeStamp with a CloudWorks schedule in a Model, it runs every hour an changes changes the input on a line time to = previous time + 1