Data not visible in regular view




I am currently in my L2 training in the conclusion part.


I noticed that I cannot see the data of SYS08 SKU Details module in regular view (screenshot attached).


I have tried to check that there are no saved views or filters on and tried to reset everything. Would you have an idea on how I could get the data visible? I am even wondering if I accidentally deleted the data rows.


Thanks a lot in advance.


  • @Henrik 

    Is selective access turned on? Make sure you give yourself full access to the hierarchy. You can go to USERS tab and use the drop down.

  • Hi @Henrik ,


    Try to open the menu of options by right-clicking at the start of column headers bar, and select 'Show All Rows'.


    Best Regards,


  • You are right, selective access was turned on. I removed it from "General lists" and now data is visible. 


    Thank you!