Level 1 Model Building - 8.5.3


*Edited* Found out my error was when I imported the header row and first data row has to moved down one row.


May I get some assistance on what is the correct mapping?

Trying to edit date format to allow proper importing of data but can't get to options if I map correctly. Followed previous community posts.






  • @CJHKGZZ Glad you figured it out. 

    Just a heads up, each of the files you'll be loading have a lesson about integration in them, so stay sharp! Send a note here if you get stuck!

  • Yardımınız için teşekkürler.
    Anaplanda anlatılan ile benim oluşturduğum modül farklı oldu.

    Anaplanda şehir isimleri varken bende ürün isimleri oluyor.

    Look through the options for mapping time as it is possible to assign this target dimension to 'column headers'.


    Then define how Anaplan interprets the time period in the time mapping tab. Match the criteria based on how it is viewed on the first tab.


    Good luck