Can Switchover be used on a Daily basis?


Is it possible to do Switch over on a daily basis versus a monthly basis? 


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  • JaredDolich


    Two approaches, both use DISCO, neither use switchover:

    1. Use the native versions in one module (Module A). One for Actuals, one for Forecast. Add another module (Module B) that contains the current date. In Module A you'll add a line item that has this format: IF PERIOD(START()) >= Module B.Current Date THEN Sales[SELECT: versions.forecast]  ELSE Sales[SELECT: version.actual] 
    2. Same as 1, except you'll denormalize the forecasts and actuals and create a separate line item for each instead of using the native versions. Your formula will look something like this: IF PERIOD(START()) >= Module B.Current Date THEN Sales Forecast ELSE Sales Actual

    One nice thing about option 1 is that you can make the actuals read only and forecast editable using the feature to apply formula to a version.




  • @neg177 

    Switchover will follow your model calendar. Lowest a model calendar can go is weeks.

    To get switchover to daily, you'll most likely need to create a module to hold the current date. That can be automated, by the way using Anaplan Connect. Once you have the current date you can use formulas to determine the switchover. To be honest, this is the method I use because I don't want to have a casual Anaplan user have to become a workspace adminsitrator to change the switchover. Hope that helps!

  • Ok, What are other routes I can go with Forecasting? Can I have my Module with just Actuals and then a Module with just Forecast? Or would the Switchover be a better bet? 

  • I guess the real question I'm trying to ask is what is the best technique to approach when Forecasting a Daily Model in Anaplan? 


  • I'm going to give option 1 a try. 


    Thank you 

  • @neg177 

    Good choice! Good luck and let us know how it turns out. Anxious to hear.

  • In the formula IF PERIOD(START()) >= Module B.Current Date THEN Sales[SELECT: versions.forecast]  ELSE Sales[SELECT: version.actual] , sales is referring to the line item I want to forecast?

  • @neg177 

    Yes, that looks correct. Let me know if you need an example.