Restricted Currency Conversion


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I have been working on a scenario where for users of a particular country, I want to show the output in Euro and USD but for other countries it should be only Euro. Is there a way I can control this through logics or I have to create separate pages for users of both countries? Thanks in advance!





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  • AWhitworth

    Hi @ShekharGite 


    There are a few ways I would approach this and the best one probably depends on your use case and model set up. 


    1. Apply selective access to the currency list so that the USD option is disabled for those who don't need to see it. The benefit of this is that it would apply across the whole model.
    2. Use a separate list with two items 'Local Currency' & 'Reporting Currency' for those countries which are EUR only it show as EUR for both but others could have EUR as reporting currency and USD as the local currency
    3. Have two sets of line items one for EUR and one for USD and use line item subset filtering to hide the irrelevant ones based on the country selected. This would work if users needed to see the values in the same view


  • Hi @ShekharGite 

    Assuming Country is parent of User.

    Create a Module with Currency and Country as dimension.

    In a boolean formatted lineitem check the Country only for EURO and Others as both (EURO and USD)

    1.Use this boolean in the logics/calculation purposes.

    2. Also , can be used by filtering but a separate selection modules might be required.


    Hope it helps.



  • Thanks @AWhitworth  Selective access worked well.

  • Thanks @abhi1017