Default read/write access for selective access lists



I would like to enable end users to set up the selective access to a list. It is possible to do so for existing list member. I set up an action for them to run so that the selection of access rights in a module is imported to the Users tab (list write/list read) as shown in the first graph. But when a new list member is created by running create action (+ blank FCT in the second graph), the new list member is by default not accessible to any users. So a model builder has to manually change the access right in the Users tab before anyone else can edit the selective access for this list member. Is there any way to skip this manual step so that an end user can finish the whole process from adding a list item to setting up the selective access?

One alternative way might be dynamic cell access based on list members and users. Then I will need to update that in all modules. Do you see any difficulties for this method? Any other alternatives?


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  • @xin 


    At this time, no, only workspace admins can change the selective access of list members.  Now, maybe DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) can help you here, but that is more at the line item level.  So in this instance, they would still be able to see the list member, but they couldn't input/read the data at the line item level of that intersection.