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Hi all, 

for the monthly cost analysis, I would like to import a customised report via the Excel add in, so that every month I can only refresh the data.

When I select the data to be imported via the add in, the system only gives me the modules and views. Should I customise a view? If I customize it, will I be able to see it within the dropdown menu?


Thanks all

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  • JaredDolich


    Adding pro @MagaliP . You are correct. here's the rule, below. If you want to use a saved view then you will have to take it as is, otherwise go build another saved view in Anaplan that meets your needs. Alternatively, you can use the default view and then pivot. 



  • Thank you @JaredDolich for quick reply, so I've an other question: how can I create a custom view from the related module?



  • @Alessandr092 

    Two choices.

    1. Create a saved view INSIDE of anaplan. Save the view exactly as you want it to appear in Excel, then use that saved view.

    2. Use the default view of the module. That will allow you to pivot the view, filter, and the like.

    Hope that helps. You got this!