Level 1 11.3.4 - Formula Error


Hi - I have tried to look through the response of those who have had a similar error but I'm afraid I'm still not too sure how to fix this. 




Invalid formula for 'REP03 Profit & Loss Report'.Revenue: Automatic sum of 'EMP02 Employee Expenses'.Headcount over Users hierarchy is not possible as Users does not have a built-in top level


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  • Hi @lcapon 


    Can you share screenshots for the same , check dimensionality between source and target modules , in your case , you need to set a mapping for users dimension in target module using list formatted line item and then use lookup



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  • @lcapon 


    Not sure why are you using Users in the source module, but since it does not have a Top Level member, you will not be able to sum the data from that module.



  • Are users not correct then? What should I be using? Can you tell where I may have made a mistake? I'm assuming I havent followed the lesson correctly. 

  • @lcapon 


    Can you show us the blueprint of your source module, EMP02 Employee Expenses?

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  • Thank you - so obvious when you explain.