I'm trying to create a Module that has the List of Days of the week as the Rows. I will have to use theses rows over and over again like the Excel Model, but will only allow me to have them once and the days of the week have to share the same formula. How can I format this so I can have it set up like I have it in Excel? I have images attached. 



Thank you 



  • @neg177 

    Here's a little trick I use to get the days of the week to show up on my grid. 

    • Create a list numbered 0-6.
    • Create a system module for that list and make a line item that has the days of the week.
    • Create a Seed Date, like 1/1/1970
    • In your daily system module, calculate the number of days START() from your seed.
    • Take the MOD base 7
    • Then look up the value in your list to determine what day it is.
    • In your planning module look up the day of week using your daily system module

    Lot of steps there. There might be a more efficient way but this works pretty well and only calculates once.