Alternative hierarchies - Numbered List Required?

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Do I need to use numbered list for the lowest level of the Alternative hierarchies? I read through couple of examples and training, which all use numbered list. I was wonder if this is necessary.







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  • @LilyLiuAnaplan 


    You definitely don't have to, it depends on what is contained in the list.  If you have members repeating, like products in a reason, then yes.  Or if you have employees at the lowest level that can move among different departments, then yes.  But if the lowest level is unique and will always be unique, then no.


    Does that help?



  • @LilyLiuAnaplan 


    First of all, my fingers got ahead of my brain, "reason" in the previous post should have been region.  Secondly, tell me more about the list and how it will be used.  The reason I ask, will users be able to add to it (Assign action on a Dashboard) or will it be a straight hierarchy used for reporting?  If you will need the Assign function, then yes, it will need to be a numbered list, but if not and it just used for reporting, then no.  Again, it all depends on what will be in the list and how it will be used.




  • Thank you so much, Rob. Yes, this is very helpful. 

  • Hi Rob,


    Thank you so much for your follow up. I definitely appreciated your quick response!


    The list is a very straight hierarchy used for reporting and will not be used in any areas that would require a numbered list (e.g. add member, assign). 


    I was mostly concerned that the alternative hierarchy would interfere with the original hierarchy for being a clone.