Scheduling refresh in Power BI


I am using Anaplan Connector for Power BI to export data from Anaplan to Power BI, instead of manually refreshing, is there a way to schedule the refresh in Power BI ?


  • @Shawnm 

    I don't think you can do that with the Anaplan native connector. I'm pretty sure that's possible using DirectQuery or using a data mart/data lake in the middle. So instead of sending your Anaplan data directly to Power BI, you first go to a data lake. Then put it on DirectQuery or use a scheduler to refresh the data.


  • Hey @Shawnm @JaredDolich,


    Hmm the native Power Bi Connector may not have that functionality yet. A data lake may work. 


    An alternative approach may be scheduling/exporting your Anaplan Export as a CSV to a specified file location in a cloud storage location, and then scheduling a refresh against that. 


    Anaplan -> schedule an export using an ETL tool (see link below utilizng an older workaround) -> Local or Server Enviornemnt, CSV file generated-> Online Cloud storage (One Drive or Sharepoint etc.) -> Connect with PowerBi. Doing this may help refresh your data on a scheduled basis. 


    Here's a few resources that may help:





  • Hi @Shawnm ,


    Not sure if this is what you meant, but if you publish your report you can set up the connection. You might have to change the source credentials but should work more or less just like any other scheduled refresh:

    1. Build your report using Anaplan Native connector as a data source and publish it online


    2. Go to data source settings and choose scheduled refresh:


    3. Set up Data Source credentials (BASIC, email + Password) & Set up the Scheduler



    Should be good to go. Only thing is that you can only use the basic authentification, so you can't be a SSO user. 



  • hi @Ingilavicus ,

    I already tried this but above the schedule option there is something named gateway, I think we need that too for this to work because my data was not getting refreshed.

  • @Shawnm 


    I did not have to change any settings for the gateway for this to work, so won't be able to advise on that. 




    But the refresh itself works fine. Both manually prompted or scheduled. Do you get any error messages displayed when trying to refresh? 


    And a silly question, but you do refresh the visuals when going in the PBI report right (Top right corner of the dashboard)?