Level 1 Model Building: Import data to SYS06 Product Details module


In Module 7 of Level 1 Model building, we are asked to import product data into the Product Details module and map to the source. However, my mapping does not seem to be accurate, and I cannot figure out the issue. I've attached screenshots of what my mapping looks like, as well as what it results in. Any and all help would be much appreciated!

resultsresultsoriginal mappingoriginal mappingManually mapping some itemsManually mapping some itemserror messageerror message

Best Answer

  • JaredDolich


    Take a look at grid view on the list. Make sure your Product Family codes are loaded. You may need to reload it.

    If that looks good lets take a look at the details of the errors as @rob_marshall suggests.


  • @Belson97 

    Oh, so so close.

    Make sure you Product Family Line item is formatted as a list "P1 Product Family". Looks like its formatted as a number. Try it again.

    You got this!

  • @JaredDolich Thanks for the quick reply! I changed the format to List P1 Product Family, but now I am getting an error that says the items are not located in the list. I've attached screenshots of the error and my P1 list. p1 list.pngtry again.png

  • @Belson97 


    To get a better idea of what is going on, after you run the action and get the error screen, click on the Details tab and it will give you more granular information on the errors.



  • @JaredDolich Product List was the issue. This is how my content returns now which I believe is correct yes? Thanks for all your help Jared!Screenshot 2021-02-26 094609.png