level 2 Sprint Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module


Hi Community,


I am getting an error when i am running process to import historic volumes, beginning inventory and shipping metrics from my data hub model. i think it is due to list used in both modules. In datahub module according to instructions i have used " SKU flat list" and in supply chain module  "P3 SKU" list is used. codes are different in both the lists. what should i do in this situation?

Screenshot (50).png

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  • Misbah
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    In your import mapping...


    instead of mapping "Fixed Line item" to DAT03 Historical Volume Line Item  use "Column 1"


    That should fix it



  • @saranshsaini 


    Ah I see what do you mean.


    If you look closely they are different because one is for Products and another for SKUs.


    For example in your screenshots P3 SKU of Level 2 Model : all these codes are for Products and not for SKUs which looks right because all the SKU's have failed to Import.


    Now go back to your data hub and see if your source module view looks like this. 



    If it is then check the Import mapping . Should be like this



    Hope this helps




  • Hey Misbah! My system module and mapping are exactly like this

  • @saranshsaini 


    Care to share your mapping screenshot.

  • Hey Misbah! Thanks for help previous issue is now resolved. But now there is a new error I`m attaching screenshots.

  • @saranshsaini There's something odd about  your P3 SKU list. P3 SKU Flat looks okay though. Your DAT03 Volumes module should be dimensioned with Accounts Flat as well. Do you have that set up?



    Minor issues but I suggest you reload P3 SKU with the correct item values. Should look like this: